When agile becomes fragile - Part 1

I was working in an information technology firm which was into products and I have always considered the introduction of agile as one of the most interesting things to happen to us (although not always the best). As a scrum matter sheet years in agile environment,  I could using agile techniques make changes for better and impact things and people's life for better too. In several cases,  things wrapped in bad culture and bureaucracy could be approached better. I got an opportunity to another lean based firm as scrum master.

First day,  I enter the office and I was into induction.  Midway through it,  I got a call from my project and was brought into it urgently.  It was rude shock but none the less close to even more I was about to do discover.  There was so much of activity happening in the floor and one manager came to me and told we are the fragile experts and welcome to our world.

That was a lively discussion and quite sarcastically funny too. However, it did sound a danger alarm in me and i started looking into other issues such a system could have. What are those? I will deliberate the fragile system symptoms in days ahead.