What is a value?

Lean is basically a setup where you focus on values. Scrum teams are entities which deliver value. Product teams help identify values. However, did any of us ever wonder what the hell is this value? The value basically means something of importance. From lean perspective, value is something which is important and useful to customer.

I have seen teams and organizations doing things just for the sake of doing without ever questioning why not we not do it? Only if you know who your customer is, what is important to him and more than anything else, what will be useful to him, will you be able to understand what to deliver.

I beleive this is true not just for businesses / organizations but also for politics, governments, countries  and lot of other places including within a family. Have you taken time to understand what is the value before you have done something?

It is in this context that I have written the other blog http://qualityfromjagan.blogspot.com/2014/01/missing-customer-is-serious-challenge.html.

Please post your comments on this thought and share your experiences on the same.