Collaborators and distractors

I have to quote this tweet from Jeff Sutherland on March 13 :
Learning to negotiate was a vast improvement over war. #Collaboration is a vast improvement over negotiation.

These are such golden words from the expert. If learning to collaborate is a challenge, its even more challenging to trust the people who collaborate and to invest in a system which rewards the collaborators.

Its people who make the scrum work and scrum is about empowering them systematically and allow them to progressively own accountability for their actions and for the value created.

It’s a open challenge to every one – for the team, to collaborate more and become more accountable for each other and for value. For the scrum master, to remove impediments from the system which prevent them to collaborate more. For the management to identify collaborators / team value adders over selfish individuals and reward their behavior. For the management to identify and empower the people who are most likely to be gatekeepers and angels for maintaining such a system.

As system, system, system is what its all about and there is no word else to describe it. It’s a paradox that many times the people who are the angels for encouraging such a system are the ones who end up doing damage unconsciously.