Indians sacrifice sometimes gets taken for granted

Historically India has been preferred destination because of the low cost that it offers.  The cost advantage is often so much that in India it takes only a part of the cost it takes onshore to deliver the same.  The trace of though is made at several levels.  Ever heard of a 8 million dollar project getting done at 4.5 million bucks?  In our efforts to stay competitive and ensure that business opportunities improve,  we have shown the tendency to negotiate beyond profitability sometimes and ensure that project comes here.  However,  the matter also to be considered is that the salaries have increased in India and it sometimes becomes not very profitable from organizational perspective to take up a project (though often it gets picked to make better utilization of bench resources.

See,  life in India is not always fair for a vast majority.  There is competition for any thing and everything here from toilets to schools to job. A vast majority of our population still lives in slums and do struggle for daily bread and butter. Its kind of normal for us to work like hell and do something for money which others can just dream about.  Am not here to tell that those lives quality shouldn't be improved.  However in the name of cheap labour if we don't get the fruits of hard work and lack the backbone to project why it is really a difficult job well done,  then we won't be respected for the right reasons too. 

Let's get over this attitude of donkey job and enter creative domains more.  We have to find solutions for our problem and losing one eye for an other is not the solution.