Art of crafting the scrum boards!! Can you make scrum more interesting?

I came across this practice of crafting the scrum boards and the challenge was up to all the scrum masters and we got loads of interesting ideas. Obviously at an org scale, not all teams are at the same pace and the agile implementation could by itself be at different levels contributing to the varied result. However, that’s the beauty of the setup and some of the teams did manage to pull up their socks and discover new ways of representing their progress and achievements and make scrum more interesting.

One of them came up with this beautiful little idea of representing the scrum like a race track of F1 and the other came up with how during his visit a traffic light like representation was setup in Toyota factory.
A few new cooks did come up with a restaurant like menu card and order status. There were even more crazier ideas and which could  border on the creative insanity J.

Moreover it did break the ice between them on how they run their daily business and raised their awareness of the topics where could work with the other teams.

Have some interesting looking scrum boards? Do share it here.